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Terms and conditions for Slaters Plastering

  1. Quotes - are valid for 30 days after which a new quote can be issued.

  2. By accepting a quote you agree to Slaters Plastering terms and conditions

  3. Payment - is due on completion of the work but no later than 7 days after completion unless specifically agreed otherwise by Slaters Plastering.

  4. Where payment has not been received within 7 days 2% interest per day can be charged plus any cost associated with non or delayed payment. After 7 days days further action can be taken to pursue payment.

  5. Additional work - sometimes unforeseen extra work may be required, this will be notified and a new quote issued.

  6. Work area should be clear and prepared as agreed, where further unarranged preparation is required such as wallpaper stripping a charge will be added.

  7. Where a job is paused or stopped at any point prior to completion an invoice will be raised for the work completed which must be settled within 7 days after which no 3 will apply.

  8. Slaters Plastering reserves the right to cancel or rearrange a job at any point.

  9. Rooms should be clear of all furniture unless agreed by Slaters Plastering, we reserve the right to delay or cancel a job where the work area is not prepared and clear. Electricity and water must be available unless agreed otherwise by Slaters Plastering

  10. See separate Terms and conditions for Slaters Direct Hire.

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